,,Crises” is a big bullshit





I am currently reading some articles about the next wave of economic crisis.
I have been reluctant to discuss the different contexts since 2009. I come to summarize the whole issue:
The richest elite of the world lets write articles and contexts about how a crisis will be for the sake of its own benefit. People already believe cadets, and this is what betrothal financiers are betting on. For what we believe, we say, and act accordingly.

And THIS will cause people to be scared, meat scares – they want the richest. Let’s recall the fact that the banks belong to the world’s Elite, the more common and the less common a person does not own the bank. So, the information from the bank statistics is fully logical (business plan). Then, people from the world elite are buying cheap real estate, shares, Then, again, the “crisis” ends and -… THEIR TRADER’S DREAMS COME TRUE! Another billions in their pockets! That’s their art of business.