SEO campaign ,,OFF SITE SEO”

First fill in the all needed details in the form above. This SEO campaign contains: submission to 2500 classified sites, to 1500 blogs, to 250 directories, social bookmarking to 200 social bookmarking sites, pinging your site to 150 various sites. This campaign will get better your site’s rank in 4 weeks.
You can pay securely by PayPal in any currency.


Custom 2D graphic design

Please describe in the fields above your desired custom graphic design. I don’t create rendered things, 3D pictures or objects.
I reserve the right to refuse any illegal graphics requirements.
Your graphic(s) will be delivered within 3 days to the e-mail address also used for the notifications about your order. I can use any language in your graphic (if so then specify this language to me with exact texts).
Take a look at my Instagram for some graphic design’s examples of my creation. You can pay by PayPal securely in any currency.


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